Commission of DocumentsEffective July 1 2013, all paralegals licensed by the Law Society of Ontario are qualified as Commissioner of Oaths able to receive Oath from deponents (the person swearing or affirming an Affidavit) and commission Affidavits, Proof of Loss forms for insurance claims, Statutory Declarations, and various other documents.

Examples of documents that may be commissioned by paralegals acting as commissioners include, among others:

  • Consent to Travel
  • Vehicle Transfers
  • Proof of Loss (insurance settlement)
  • Professional Accreditation Applications
  • Lost Passport Declarations 

Avoid paying high fees to a lawyer or court clerk for the commissioning of documents by taking advantage of recent changes whereby paralegals, by virtue of office, are Commissioners for Taking Affidavits and may now commission documents.

Justitia Legal Services, is available to commission documents for as little as forty ($40) dollars for up to three copies of the same document and up to three true copies of additional documents commissioned for as little as ten ($10.00) dollars each.

Why wait in long lines at the courthouse?   Why wait for an appointment 'next week' to see a lawyer? 

For all your commissioning needs, contact Justitia Legal Services, often available to provide same day commissioning services.

Note that paralegals, as paralegals, may automatically act as Commissioner; however, paralegals are forbidden from acting as a Notary Public.  If you need a Notary Public, please contact a lawyer.  For more information, including the differences between a Commissioners and a Notary Public: click here

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