Mission & Vision

To provide clients with personable, affordable and effective legal services, maintaing the importance of access to justice with sound legal advocacy, knowledge along with affordability.

Six statements we want our clients to say about us:

  1. I enjoy working with Ken Gogna at Justitia Legal Services.
  2. They added value from the first meeting.
  3. Their integrated approached works.
  4. They are easy to do business with.  
  5. Their services are impressive.
  6. They are candid. 


Win or lose, ensuring that our clients are satisfied that the best effort was put forth is our primary goal.  At all stages of a proceeding, we want our clients to know that we are acting resolutely in pursuing our clients' legal rights and serving the best interests of each client. 

In some cases, where we feel that our client does not have a strong case, we will candidly advise them of that.

In other cases, where settlement is the more viable option than to end up on the wrong side of a trial decision, we will inform our clients honestly and candidly about the possible outcome, and when settlement may be the best option.

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